Your style is how you express your inner self on the outside. But, knowing how to put it all together can be hard. Let us help!

Clothing can be difficult. Too many options, not enough options, wrong fit. There are a lot of variables that can help shape the image you want to project. We can be the coach you need, we’ll go through your wardrobe with you to help determine what to keep, what to get rid of, and what might be missing to bring it all together.

Don’t need help on the whole wardrobe and you’re just struggling to decide on an outfit for an occasion. We can help with that too. Helping you pull together the perfect look for wherever you might be going from events to interviews.

Price: $35/hr (1 hour minimum)

**We place a 4 hour cap on each appointment. At the end we can schedule another, or leave you with homework. We do this because after 4 hours most people have reached their capacity and need to drink some tea and recharge. (We can keep going, but we’ll leave that up to you)