How should I prepare for my makeup application?
Please have a clean bare face before your makeup application service.
Do not have any harsh skin treatments up to 2 months prior – if you have please advise of us of what you had done and when. *Makeup adheres differently to treated skin
Drink lots of water leading up to your event, properly hydrated skin looks great on everyone!

How long does it take to get my makeup done?
That’s entirely up to you. A subtle enhancement can take as little as 45 minutes, a full glam creative look could take 1.5-2 hours. Once we know what you want done, we can give you a good idea of the time needed to complete it.
Please remember that distractions add time to an appointment – if children, friends, and pets are interrupting the service it will add time.

Can I use my own makeup? I have allergies
If you have skin sensitivities or conditions please let us know before hand and we will do our best to accommodate you. If you have a foundation or mascara that you know works for your skin condition and doesn’t aggravate it – please let us know and we’ll incorporate it.

Do you come to me, or do I come to you?
We come to where ever you need us to complete the service. We just ask that you choose somewhere with good natural lighting and a useable table. A bathroom is fine if it has good natural lighting however, a change in light bulb tone from white to yellow can change the way your makeup appears.

I have inspiration for my look.
If you have inspiration for your look we encourage you to send it to us and we can use this as a guide to create your look around. However, everybody’s face is different and there are filters and photoshop on most images. Therefore, you will come out looking like the best version of you not the person in the picture.


Why is 4 hours the max?
We cap our appointments at 4 hours so you don’t feel exhausted at the end. Change is hard, sorting through things and making choices is hard. We want this to remain fun and engaging! Appointments don’t always take this long though, you might find you only need an hour and a half to achieve your goals.

What happens to the clothes I don’t want?
We will always sort into 3 categories (Keep, Donate, Garbage) We will provide you with a list of close places to your location that you can take your clothing. However, we do not take them there for you. Part of growth is taking responsibility for past choices you’ve made. (It’s also a lot of fun to say goodbye to the things that no longer define you)

Do I have to try things on? I know they fit.
Here’s the thing. You know how you “think” it fits. The truth is the way something fits may not be giving you the look you want to achieve. If you know the white t-shirt fits but you avoid wearing it – does it really fit? So, we’ll ask you as we go through the process to try certain items on – this also allows us to show you how to put things together to achieve your desired outcome.

Can I have helpers to assist me at my appointment?
Absolutely! Whether you need someone close for emotional support or just to speed up the process we always allow helpers. We do however encourage you to think about your helpers and what role they play in your life. Helping hands are great but only if they’re truly helping. We aren’t afraid to ask helpers to leave if we think they are negatively effecting how you feel about yourself.


Why is there a 4 hour time limit?
These appointments are capped at 4 hours to ensure that we have enough time to either complete or make enough progress that you can see a significant change in your space. We don’t want you to become exhausted though. Change is hard and can be emotionally taxing, especially when you start to question why you have so many things and how you can possibly keep them all. 4 hours allows enough time to make progress, at the 3 hour mark we can discuss if you want homework or another appointment. If you know your space is going to take more then 4 hours (like 6-8) let us know and we’ll book time accordingly. We don’t mind powering through – our goal is to keep you engaged and excited about your space.

What happens to the things I don’t want to keep?
We sort things accordingly. Depending on the space you might end up with several different piles (Storage, Garbage, Large garbage items, Recycle, Shred). We will give you a list of options that you can use to get rid of these items (like where to take them, or who can pick them up). However, we do not take away your items. This is because we believe that true change comes from taking responsibility for your past choices.

I have items that are sentimental – I don’t want anything to happen to them!
We know how important sentimental items are to each individual. We have them too, and would be devastated if anything happened to them. We treat your precious items as if they were our own. Slow and steady wins the race! However, if there are items that you are worried about, you can remove them from the space prior to us arriving – or we can have only you touch those items. Accidents happen, but we would rather they don’t.

Do you bring organizational items with you? Like boxes and other containers.
We don’t bring containers with us for your items this is because we don’t know what treasures we’ll find! A lot of the times we use the wrong boxes for items that don’t need it, or bowls and trays we would otherwise throw away can be used to hold things. However, before we leave we’ll do a re-cap of your appointment and discuss items you can purchase if you want further organization.

Can I have helpers to assist me at my appointment?
Absolutely, whether this is someone who also uses the space so you want them to know where things are – or you need someone close for emotional support (or just to speed up the process) we always allow helpers. We do however encourage you to think about your helpers and what role they play in your life. Helping hands are great but only if they’re truly helping.