A well organized space goes a long way in helping you feel put together and efficient. We’ve got great strategies and DIY’s to help.

We want to help you embrace your space. A cluttered and chaotic space can create negative energies that you may not realize accumulate in the emotions you have. Feelings of unease, in ability to move forward, feelings of being closed off.

We’re here to assist you in the path of self-discovery and what you need your space too look like. What does it look like when it functions best. We’ll help you organize things so that you’re not screaming at an inanimate object after you’ve kicked it for the 12th time for being in the way.

We do this by sitting down with you and discussing who you are – who you really are, and how you want to evolve from there. What works best, what are your routines, and what makes sense to have in that space.

It’s all visual confidence.

$35/hr (2 hour minimum)

We organize all indoor spaces. Kitchens, living rooms, offices, bedrooms, etc.

We can do a consultation prior if you wish for free; through either;
-Email (Send us pictures, we know not everyone likes making phone calls)
– Video (Skype, Zoom, FaceTime)

*There is a 4 hour maximum on the appointments – this allows you to make progress but have time to recharge. We can schedule additional appointments or leave you with homework.